Plane philosophy

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Planes, and by extension, airports are wonderful things. I love flying, and for me there is no hassle to sitting in an airport for a few hours between flights.  Domestic airports are nice, but international ones are magic.  The departures … Continued

My Local

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One of the lovely things about small towns is the sense of community that rapidly develops,  AND great service.  Small towns KNOW that if they aren’t good at service people will go elsewhere.  And so everywhere I have been in … Continued

Mourning in the market

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I have told my boss that I will not renew my contract for next year.  After I told her, it became real to me. I am about to step off into as as yet unknown future and quite suddenly the … Continued


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One theme that seems to run through much of my photography, albeit unconsciously, is that of reflections.  Reflections in windows, water, puddles by the road, in glasses of wine.  Anything that reflects something else catches my eye, and my camera.  … Continued