Global Lives project

Global Lives project

Working on a project with other people is really different.  I am used to – actually, really like – pottering off on my own to make photographs.  Others travelling with me are likely to be ‘photo’d’ out really quickly and not understand that the view is very different just 5 steps on, necessitating another photo stop.  However, working  with a group of people all focused on the same thing, all wanting to take another angle, just one more image , was amazing.  This happened with the NGO project “Global Lives” that I was lucky enough to work on.

Global Lives ( aims to follow 10 people from around the world for a full day of their lives. It is a combination of video and still photography, and the final product is showcased on their website as well as in some museums and galleries in different countries.  Our project was to follow a Chinese train attendant as she left home, arrived at work, prepared, worked her shift and finally left the train. Ms Fan Ruixian stoically allowed video and still cameras to literally be in her face for more than 24 hours, to allow us to edit out mistakes, battery change-overs and camera changes. Her patience was amazing!

Will 24 hours in her life change the world?  Maybe not – but it will certainly add to our understanding of the lives of others.

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