Run-away weekend – Hobart

Hobart is at the bottom end of the world – not so far from the Antarctic – with that potential of Roaring 40s weather, and snow.  It was settled originally by the Palawa people, and later by the British when setting up convict colonies, and outposts to stop the French from further colonisation. It’s Australia’s second oldest city, with plenty of convict remnants about.  Not only that, it is has the steep, rocky Mt Wellington guarding it.

But those facts are all very well, but is it a good city to visit?  Oh yeah!  It’s an energetic vibrant city, and has one of the best private museums I’ve ever been to. MONA is on a must visit list every time I head Hobart way.  Twice a year Hobart also holds the MOFO celebrations, with Dark MOFO the winter celebration – but more about that next post. This one focuses on a short weekend enjoying MONA and the Farm Gate markets.

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Magic Melbourne

Magic Melbourne

Living in a small regional town is fun, but every now and again hitting the big smoke is a ball. When an invite comes from a friend to play for the weekend, I’m always happy to take it up.  Melbourne is one of the nicest cities to play in. The Economist Intelligence Unit has rated Melbourne as the world’s most livable city for 7 years in a row, and it’s pretty easy to see why.  True, as a visitor, I never have to worry about traffic or parking, but the wonderful places I’m taken to and the great food I can eat, and the exhibitions I can head to… so lovely.

So last weekend, I had another lovely play.

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