Mary Ellen Mark remarked “The difficulty with color is to go beyond the fact that it’s color. To have it be not just a colorful picture but really be a picture about something. It’s difficult. So often color gets caught up in color, and it becomes merely decorative. Some photographers use it brilliantly to make visual statements combining color and content; otherwise it is empty.”

For me this is a major challenge. I usually work in colour, and see colour as integral to the world around me. So – I’m taking up the challenge. What works in black and white, what works better in colour? ¬†Looking at the world as black and white (or shades of…) is very challenging.




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I know what you mean Deb. I mainly see in colour but I do appreciate black and white photographs, maybe because I don’t make them? I am looking forward to seeing how you progress with this challenge and learning from what you learn.

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