Challenge 2

What wouldn’t translate into black and white very well?  I can easily see how industrial scenes and buildings could be rendered in black and white, but the challenge was to look at how other things that seem dependent on colour would work. So – flowers! Flowers and other plants depend on colour for survival. Do they work in black and white?  So here is a play in my garden to take out the colour.

What am I learning about taking on this challenge? For one, I do find it difficult to ‘see’ in B&W. I look for the easy to translate options – the black rose below, tulips with a pale colour, and my tomato plant after watering with the focus on the droplets.  Plants where the lack of colour really doesn’t change much. I think it is still cheating a bit, and I wonder how photographers who only had B&W saw the world. Was it an automatic translation for them, or did they receive a shock when they saw the vibrant colours they had photographed lost, and turned into shadows of colour? Were they inured to the loss of colour, and so turned to other, more technical ways of making flowers, landscapes and the world around them vibrant? Dodge and burn, changing contrasts, grain…

More experiments to come, forcing myself to see differently.

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