I was asked recently “Why Tasmania?” as a place to live when I returned from China.  My number 1 answer is always – SNOW!!  But there are a number of other answers that add to why I have chosen Tasmania, including having ocean views from most of my windows that others pay quadruple the price for, proximity to work (5 minutes walk) and spectacular inland scenery within 10 minutes drive.  Tasmania is a smallish island, so if you feel energetic you can drive from the north to the south and back again in one day.  I also felt attuned to Tassie as people here have interesting histories, a different (island?) outlook on life. Many are refugees from the big cities, and others have generations of stories to tell. Tasmania was also in the forefront of the green movement, with what is recognised as the world’s first Green Party beginning here. For me, the use of photography as a driver for the Lake Pedder dam protests is yet another proof of the power of photography to bring about social change.  So, as a beginning to my “Why Tasmania?” intermittent series I offer a tribute to those photographers – Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis.

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