Why Tasmania? Highland country.

A long weekend away, staying in a “shack” (Taswegian for holiday home), complete with views through the trees to the Great Lake, and watching the snow clouds come in – what more could you want in winter? The Highland Lakes region is beautiful, with alpine vegetation, dolorite rocks covered in moss and lichen, trees twisted and sculpted by the wind, and the lakes themselves carved out by glaciers.

We arrived the day before trout season opened, so the tiny local shops were busy – in a very laid back, “how’s it going, where’re you headed” way – selling lures, and snow hats. The local hotels had roaring fires to warm the travellers, fishers, and hunters up as they waited for their ‘parmies’. “Parmies” are a very Tasmanian delight – chicken in pyjamas (or bread coating if you must be precise) and deep fried. Hunting season also meant that I could warm up with a rich venison casserole.

Our shack was modern, and heated with a fire that was hard to leave, especially as the chilly evening drew in. Scudding showers made sitting and chatting with friends over a few wines a great alternative to going too far, although we did visit the Wall in the Wilderness.  http://thewalltasmania.com.au/.  The early history of the highlands carved a panel at a time in Huon pine over 12 years was fascinating.

The snow chains had a nice workout on our way home through the back roads, and down side roads that we wanted to explore. The Highland Lakes will be seeing more of me, in winter and summer!

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Lovely Deb. I’ll bet that fresh mountain water was delicious. The fingernails of ice are interesting. I’ve never seen them form like that before.

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