Facebook pops up every few days with a ‘on this day’ reminder of what I was doing on that day however many years ago. This can be fun (or depressing, depending on if the same concerns keep coming up), but doesn’t always chronicle the things I want to remember.  So, here is my ad hoc series of memories – not necessarily on the exact day, but somewhere around it.  This has the benefit of making me go through the 100,000+ images I have to find something I want to enjoy again.

Christmas in Xi’an is beautiful in the snow. Students build snowmen, mums bring little ones out to play. And then there is a red umbrella – waiting for its owner to return.

Burma – New Year 2012/2013 was an amazing adventure. This timber worker spends all day cleaning up logs for construction of new buildings around the town.

Feb 2004 – Xi’an My first visit to the Terracotta Warriors after moving to live in Xi’an. Even then I was more interested in the ‘back story’ of people’s lives and how things were managed on a day to day process. 🙂


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