Oz Christmas (for friends in the Northern Hemisphere)

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An Oz Christmas is a little different.  It may start like yours, with flight bookings, present buying and wrapping, Christmas tree decorating, and an early morning visit from Santa, but after that it takes a different direction.

Presents are reflective of the season – new bathers for swimming, paddle boards for creek and ocean fun, new bikes for growing bodies, lovely raincoats for summer storms…

Christmas lunch/dinner is cold – plates piled high with prawns and salads, cold hams and chicken drumsticks. Dessert – berry filled pavlova and ice-cream.  After Christmas lunch is similar – chat, watch the children have fun with their new things, drink a little (or maybe more), and prepare a ‘picky dinner’ of the leftovers. Boxing Day – out to the parks and creeks to cool off, swim, ride bikes and test the new presents.

A lovely family time. But then – it’s the pack up for family members to return home, ready for the coming year.

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