ART: The care and feeding of creativity

Sunsets and sunrises don’t come too often in Xi’an, so I am enjoying them while I can in Port Townsend, Wa.


I came here to attend the annual Artist’s Round Table – ART. This is a gathering of photographers, drawn from people who work with the guidance of Raymond Ketcham from Port Townsend, and was organised by Sabrina Henry.

Sunrises and sunsets aren’t the only things about ART that are special. The discussions about our work, our aims and philosophies, why we NEED to photograph, and how we can create stronger, deeper, more meaningful photographs have created wide open spaces in my mind that will give me the room to think more deeply about how I use my voice, my vision and my craft.

ART is not just about photographers looking at their work, but also gives us the chance to talk to writers (Wes Cecil) and sculptors (Jan Hoy) and how they see and develop their work. These synergies and cross-fertilisations add more understanding to our own creative processes.

Where will my own work go after ART? I’m not sure yet, but I do know that with the depth and breath of discussions, the challenge and the support of Ray, Sabrina and the other participants, it will become richer.

Thanks everyone!!


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