Afternoon at the Opera


One of the joys of life in China is being able to head out of the city into a whole new world of village life.  Villages still retain the essence of traditional lifestyles that are rapidly disappearing in the struggle for modernity in cities.  Yesterday I went to visit good friends who live outside Xi’an. For me these friends embody some of the best of China: welcoming, warm, generous, and talented.  The Li’s are part of a local opera group, retaining the traditions of singing and playing that other villages have lost.  Mr Li is also a renowned ‘nong min hua’ – or farmer painter.  His paintings have life and energy, and unlike many other farmer painters he does not merely repeat the traditional images.  He adds and creates, with sly modern touches.  His paintings supported his 2 sons through university, while his farm work ensured that he and his family could survive daily life. When I visit, I am often lucky enough to be invited on days when the opera group get together to sing and enjoy themselves.

Here is one such day.

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Robert G. Longpré

I loved listening to these opera’s on afternoons in Hong Mei Park in Changzhou as well as in a smallish opera house in a “saved” old building. Thanks, 🙂

Thanks Robert. They are fun, aren’t they?

magic people – a gift that they are in your life

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