I’m a nomad, living in Tasmania, recently returned from 10 years  in China where I explored  as much of this beguiling culture as I could.  One of my favourite ways to explore is with a camera to my eye, recording all the fascinating happening and sights. I travelled as much as work would allow me in China and across Asia and into Europe, with a foray into North America. From these journeys I realised how much in common, how much humanity is shared.  Yes, there are interesting differences to be explored, but along with those differences, the things we share are are just as important.

I see my work as a conversation and a witness to the connections we all have to our surroundings and each other. How do we live our lives, how do our surroundings change us, how do we change our surroundings?

My photography and writing has been published in Rear Curtain, Global Times, China Grooves and I was the travel/culture editor/writer for Xianease.



Studio Tour, Port Townsend, Wa. August 2012

“Linkages” Exhibition, Xi’an P.R. China September 2013 – installation entitled “Chinese Dream”.

“Faces and Places” Exhibition, Xi’an P.R. China – Photographic works  “The Women of Gannan”

Burnie Shines Exhibition. Burnie Tasmania Australia – “Chinese Dream”.


“Faces and Places” Exhibition, December 1, 2013. Six photographers from China, Singapore and Australia explore their world and how people have adapted to their environments.

Assistant Curator:

“Linkages” Exhibition, September 2013.  Combining painting, video and photography exhibits from 11 Chinese, Russian, English, American and Australian exhibitors.

NGO work:

Global Lives Project, China 2013  http://globallives.org/


Rear Curtain  http://rearcurtain.ca/

Xi’anease: http://www.xianease.com/articles/travel

Monochrominc: http://www.monochromeinc.com/manly-west-townhouse.html