This image was taken from a boat as we travelled up river to visit a nature park.  The ripples with their miniature eddies cried out to be photographed.  The differences in light, texture and lines drawing the eye back to where we had been caught my thoughts as well as my camera.


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I’ve spent the last couple of months playing with my baby granddaughter.  Of course, as her Nanna, I think she is totally gorgeous and I’ve had a ball cuddling, singing and playing with her.  Watching her reach vital milestones – smiling, giving big sloppy kisses, laughing, rolling..

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A new light

When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands.
Mohandas Gandhi
I’m back in Australia for a couple of months, visiting family and friends.  It is wonderful to see them again, to join in activities, to greet the newest addition to our family, and..

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Creating the past

I visited the Terracotta Warriors recently, for the 21st time. Each time I see them I am blown away by the concept, the workmanship and the sheer size of the mausoleum.

Qin Shi Huang Di was planning for his future when this was constructed. His idea was to have the same comforts and protections..

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Looking for the light

“Light glorifies everything. It transforms and ennobles the most commonplace and ordinary subjects. The object is nothing; light is everything.”  Leonard Misonne

Photographers have a close relationship with light.   It excites and frustrates..

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Tunnel Vision

From Xi’an to Tianshui there are 36 tunnels, ranging from 100m to 12 290 m long.  The journey through the tunnel interrupts reading, or seeing the countryside.  Our eyes become focused on the lines, the lights and looking for the end of the tunnel.  When we reach that end the world changes. ..

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Looking for the possible

When this plate of food was presented to me, I thought the black strips were nori, or seaweed.  But, the taste was very different and I had to ask.  Walnut flowers, I was told.  The hills behind the restaurant grow wild walnuts and the flowers are used for food. The walnuts are used as walnuts,..

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We  spend so much of our time searching for something.  Quite often we don’t know what that something is.  With photographers we search for  the light, the next brilliant shot or for inspiration.  Out of our photog role, we still search for many things.  Love, satisfaction, a great job..

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When we take photos how do we interpret what we have taken?  Do photos mean what we want them to mean?  Do we take a leaf from Humpty-Dumpty in ‘Through the Looking-Glass”  and claim that “When I (take) a (photo) … it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more..

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.. .(presenting)  your personal work is a central part of creative art; in exposing your ideas and expressions to the cold light of impersonal inspection, your work – and your own attitude to it – gains strength.  … Diffidence inhibits creativity. Tom Ang.

I find it difficult..

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